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Benefits of glass shower cabins

Benefits of glass shower cabins
Shower cabin manufacturers offer a wide variety of construction models. Models differ in size and design
Benefits of glass shower cabins

First, the design eliminates splashing water around the room;
Secondly, the possibility of installing exhaust ventilation inside the cabin prevents the formation of condensation on the walls of the room;
the use of special tempered glass ensures the highest security;
a variety of sizes (large, small showers, corner, etc.) makes the actual installation in the premises of various dimensions;
A wide choice of glass textures and the possibility of applying various patterns on it makes it possible to enter the design into any interior;
With proper care and maintenance, the service life of high-quality showers is measured in decades.
Benefits of glass shower cabins
The material for the manufacture of shower cabins is tempered glass. The role of the side walls of the structure is played by the surface of the room itself. The surfaces are separated by moisture-resistant materials (most often ceramic tiles). At the same time, the junction of glass doors and walls are carefully sealed. For these reasons, water does not enter the room, which saves the owner from cleaning after each shower.

This version of the shower, which is called open, has a lot of advantages over closed cabins - hydro boxing. The main disadvantage of closed hydro boxes is the presence of a plastic pallet that has never been durable and “steals” useful space. If he cracks, and it happens with enviable regularity, then it will be very difficult and expensive to find a replacement for him. In addition, the side walls in hydro boxes are predominantly made of plastic. Plastic walls are very dirty, blurring the impression of the bathroom as a whole. In addition, they, like the pan, often emit an unpleasant smell. This is especially pronounced when in contact with hot water. The tempered glass used by ProSteklo guarantees the absence of this problem. We guarantee an attractive appearance not only of the structure but also of the entire bathroom.

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