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Mobile glass partitions

Bar counter

Very fashionable and widespread design move, thanks to its popularity around the world. It is not particularly difficult during installation, makes it possible to distinguish between functional areas of the kitchen. The bar counter is not only used as a partition but at the same time, it can perform the task of a kitchen table for a meal or a place of relaxation with a cup of tea, coffee, and other favorite drinks. In addition, it can be supplemented with a small rack, stand for glasses and dishes, which should always be "at hand". But, like furniture, the bar counter does not cope with the problem of sound insulation and smell in the living room area.
Mobile glass partitions

Aquarium partition

One of the simple and rather rare, exclusive ways of separating a room and a kitchen, but a little functional, since it plays the role of an exclusively decorative element.
kitchen kitchen design projects

Consider that such originality will become a constant burden for your budget because, in addition to the aquarium, you will have to purchase a special cabinet for it, not to mention all installations for cleaning glass and water.

Mobile partitions

One of the most practical, effective and aesthetically interesting solutions are mobile partitions - these are sliding doors, soft partitions (curtains, screens). There are several categories:

transparent and opaque;
straight or radius.
For such partitions between the kitchen and living room, materials from glass, aluminum, plastic, chipboard, and MDF are most often used. It is important to note that for arranging the glass partition, you should take an

Mobile glass partitions
only triplex canvas, which proved to be resistant to mechanical damage and impact. Triplex guarantees absolute safety for all those present in the living room, because even when destroyed, the canvas crumbles into large fragments without sharp edges. 

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