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Principles of zoning in the bathroom

Principles of zoning in the bathroom
In the sanitary room, as a rule, there are areas associated with the location of the sink, bath or shower, as well as the toilet, storage area and the area associated with the washing of linen. In the field of storage, it is important that household chemicals, clean towels, and cosmetic accessories, as well as a laundry basket,  are placed in an efficient and accessible manner. In an average apartment, we often deal with a bathroom of up to 10 square meters: in buildings of the last decade, it is 6-10 square meters. meters, earlier buildings more often up to 4 square meters. meters combined bathroom or 2-3 square meters. meters separate bathroom and toilet. The design of full zoning involves space, but in this article, we will deal with the need to efficiently and harmoniously fit into the originally existing area. Large space allows you to experiment with the placement of plumbing, playing around the area on your own. The main principles, following which will help effectively zone the bathroom, are as follows:
Principles of zoning in the bathroom
Masking the least attractive area - the toilet bowl - involves placing it as far as possible from the entrance/exit;
A solid choice with high demands on the shower screen as a reliable means of penetrating water and splashes. A direct correlation between the probability of water falling on the wall and the moisture resistance of the partition.
The choice of partitions is carried out depending on the signs:
The material used assumes thin or thick plate partitions, frame or frameless, which, if transparent, completely expand the space.
Principles of zoning in the bathroom
Translucency, which is due to the design of the room and the type of tasks assigned to the partition. It is not recommended to install completely darkened constructions since they darken the room with artificial lighting even more.
The mobility of the partition divides them into stationary and transformable, the latter include the common glass construction of tempered glass, on rollers, which, if necessary, can be easily moved, zoning a certain part of the bathroom.
Opening method: stationary opening or swing doors. According to the designers, the latter is more suitable for the spacious premises of bathrooms, where it is necessary to separate the shower cabin.

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