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DORMA accessories for glass doors

Accessories Dorma - choose the best!

DORMA accessories for glass doors are a common noun in a professional environment, a synonym for high quality and reliability.

Dorma is one of the few manufacturers that can fully equip a building with its own products: Dorma door closers, then Dorma glass doors, possibly Dorma automatic doors, then anti-panic systems to evacuate staff and visitors if necessary, and, finally, quite complex automatic revolving structures doors up to six meters and soundproof walls of glass.

DORMA accessories for glass doors
Dorma fittings
Dorma door closers
All accessories, whether it be a door closer, or directly Dorma doors and more complex systems are absolutely reliable! In addition, the company is the author of an innovative technology that allows operating a closer at very low temperatures: - 25 C (TS 77 and TS 68 closers) and even -35 C (Dorma TS 83 and TS Profil closer).

The most commonly used Dorma door closers are:  • floor • classic; • cam; • flush-mounted door closers.

The main thing that must be considered when choosing a door closer - the weight and dimensions of the door. Usually, all the necessary techn

DORMA accessories for glass doors
ical information is contained in the description of a specific model of the Dorma door you purchased, you just need to familiarize yourself with it.

It is possible both to install the Dorma door closer and to attract specialists, mainly for its adjustment. A properly adjusted Dorma door closer will, year after year, smoothly, slowly, and absolutely safe to close the heaviest door.

Dorma accessories for glass allows you to embody the most daring ideas of designers and architects. Massive and heavy furnishings made of glass gain lightness and airiness, add elegance and elegance to the interior.

Dorma fittings are installed on glass partitions, including mobile ones, on doors, facades, railings, and glass canopies. This is not a complete list of structures that use this reliable hardware.

The advantages of Dorma accessories are: • aesthetic appeal; • reliability; • durability; • a huge variety of models and types for a wide variety of glass designs.

Choosing furniture, focus on the best - because your health and business reputation depend on reliability and safety.

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