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Fabrication and installation

Fabrication and installation
It is highly recommended to purchase tempered glass from companies that value their reputation and value the customer. Simple designs, such as glass doors, partitions, and windows, can be easily installed by yourself, having received installation recommendations from specialists.
Fabrication and installation

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If you plan to use tempered glass for the design of the facade, entrance group, glazing of a balcony or terrace - you should contact the professionals.

So you will surely be sure that all calculations relating to static and dynamic loads on the tempered glass are performed correctly, the design is installed in accordance with operational and technical, absolutely reliable and safe.

We know what we are talking about - the company Suspended Systems has been working in the market for glazing and selling glass products for nearly twenty years. Our online store offers the most modern samples of glass furniture, interior items, and options for glazing rooms, and qualified consultants will select the product according to your requirements and current trends.

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