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Glass Fittings Pauli

Fittings Pauli - German quality and concise details

 Pauli hardware
Fittings Pauli from the German manufacturer Pauli & Sohn GmbH guarantees high strength and stability of glass structures, because:

Glass Fittings Pauli
• produced exclusively at German factories; • there are certificates of product quality, confirmed by laboratory test reports; • the warranty from the manufacturer on the accessories is 3 years, the stability of the coating is 10 years; • method of production of accessories - alloy casting technology ZAMAK.

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Spheres of use of Pauli accessories

Glass Fittings Pauli

Accessories Pauli, as a model of quality and a subject for imitation, can be used anywhere, ranging from glass shower to balcony railings, the device of translucent visors, etc.

Considering that glass constructions are very popular now, Pauli fittings are the only thing worth using if you want reliability, functionality, durability, and a beautiful aesthetic appearance of glass construction.

For all types of glass constructions, Pauli has special components:

• for sliding systems; • for peaks and glass canopies • for shower cabins; • for glass fences.

The Pauli fittings for glass doors provide door finishing, opening in or out with an angle of 90 to 180 degrees, fixing the closed door with special magnetic elements. Glass door hinges are specially selected to match the properties of the coating and the color harmoniously.

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