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Mirror facade Saint-Gobain

 The perfect solution from Saint-Gobain for the facade is Reflectasol glass. Production technology - pyrolysis with silicon compounds that give float glass high reflective properties. The mirror coating is turned outwards, which further decorates the facade of the building. At the same time, it limits the degree of visibility of buildings in such cases where it is undesirable.

Glass Saint-Gobain allows glazing of buildings according to your individual requirements. Specially designed Cool-Lite sunglasses used to create a translucent facade will reflect not only direct solar radiation but also thermal radiation from your building.

Saint-Gobain glass
Mirror facade Saint-Gobain
 Gobain reflex glass of any color and light transmission characteristics is chosen mainly for non-standard projects and allows architects to embody the most ambitious ideas into reality. At the same time, the adjustable light transmission and light reflection make it possible to subsequently economically maintain the building, optimizing the customer's costs for heating, air conditioning, and lighting.

Energy-saving glass Saint-Gobain with a silver coating - Planitherm Futur installed in the composition of the double-glazed windows coated inside. The heat from the room does not go away, while the solar energy and light do not linger in glass. This distinguishes Planitherm Futur from Antelio glass.

Glass Saint-Gobain certified in accordance with the requirements of GOST and ISO, is widely used in Europe. It is used in the glazing of literally every third European home!

Our company offers its customers only the best, economical and reliable glazing. We have been working using Saint-Gobain glass for many years. This is not the cheapest option for glazing, but who among us is so rich as to buy cheap things?

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