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Outdoor glazing

Outdoor glazing
Absolutely unique glass facades, balcony railings, domes, entrance groups - all this is presented in our catalog and portfolio. Toughened glass can be bought in finished form, or by ordering a glazing project to our specialists. Own production, high-quality accessories, and designers - professionals ensure that custom-made tempered glass will be made according to your wishes.

Tempered glass has a low thermal conductivity and high light transmission ability. Using it for the facade will save on lighting, heating, and ventilation. Of course, not all construction companies have mastered the material - tempered glass and its price are not the cheapest. But such an investment will pay off after a few years of active trouble-free use.
Outdoor glazing

After all: • tempered glass does not require repair; • during operation, it does not lose its properties; • care for glass is reduced to its elementary keeping it clean and lubricating the fittings with a special compound.

Having decided that you should buy tempered glass, you will not regret the money spent. As a door, glass partition, showcase or entrance group - the
tempered glass will meet your expectations in aesthetic and functional terms.

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