Saturday, June 1, 2019

ready-made kits for glass canopies

Pauli fittings are ready-made kits for glass canopies, screws, brackets and spot holders for special projects.

accessories Pauli

For shower cabins, Pauli accessories are presented in the widest range: 8 collections are produced for any, even the most demanding, taste: • handles; • hinges; • connectors; • door arches; • clamping and sealing profiles. And all this is of the highest quality and excellent appearance.

ready-made kits for glass canopies
 After all, it has a 4-fold margin of safety, in contrast to products of unknown Asian manufacturers.

Given that the furniture in our country is not certified, we prefer to trust the German quality, confirmed by the relevant documents, and call for this to you.

An additional advantage is a
fact that Pauli fittings have been widely used in Germany, other European countries and in Japan for 30 years.

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If you need a unique looking glass table tops, then we are the right choice for you.