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Transparent, colored or tinted glass partitions

Transparent, colored or tinted glass partitions, doors of tempered glass contribute to the extraordinary lightness of the interior, its saturation with air and light without loss of functionality.

Glass furniture does not clutter up space!

For example, a transformable table made of tempered glass easily folds and unfolds as needed, changing size and purpose. An interesting solution for a non-standard kitchen interior will be to order tempered glass into the kitchen for mounting an apron - the wall space between the desk and the wall cabinets. Such an apron looks more interesting than a tired tile, it is easy to install and easy to maintain, and its finishing options are limited only by the imagination and solvency of the customer.

Transparent, colored or tinted glass partitions
tempered glass facade

Glass for public buildings and offices
Modern offices, shopping centers, clubs, and shops are gradually moving to glaze, both inside and outside. It is profitable, beautifully convenient: glass partitions and display cases allow you to effectively use the sales area, compactly placing equipment and attracting additional customers.

Partitions of tempered glass zoning rooms and allow, if necessary, easy to change their configuration.
Reliability, aesthetics, and ease of care make tempered glass one of the leaders among modern finishing materials. Through the use of advanced technology hardening and processing, you can order a
tempered glass of any size, color, structure for finishing completely different rooms: whether it is an office, car dealership, restaurant or shop.

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