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Insane glass building

Insane glass building
Insane glass building
And we again go to China, this time to the city of Shenzhen. There, in 2013, the construction of the main office of the city stock exchange was completed under the project of the international architectural company OMA. This is a skyscraper with 46 floors and a height of 254 meters.

But its main feature is a three-story platform, located at an altitude of 36 meters above ground level, its windows are contrastingly different from the grid of identical windows of the main tower. The platform area is 15,000 square meters. m., on its roof, is a whole park! Thanks to its unusual design, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange building is jokingly called the "miniskirt."

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Building China
The windows “deeply hidden” behind the mesh of the facade protect the rooms from overheating and at the same time pass the necessary sunlight, thereby reducing energy consumption. The appearance of the skyscraper changes from glossy to matte with changing weather conditions and this contributes to a positive perception of the panorama of the city as a whole.

Judging by these amazing achievements in the field of architecture, which changed the horizon of 2013, 2014 also promises to be a very interesting year for the construction industry. We will be glad to introduce you to other interesting news.

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