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glassed hydroboxes

The material for the manufacture of showers is tempered glass. The role of the side walls of the structure is played by the surfaces of the room itself. Surfaces are separated by moisture resistant materials (most often ceramic tiles). At the same time, the joints of glass doors and walls are carefully sealed. For these reasons, water does not enter the room, which saves the owner from cleaning after each shower.

This version of the shower, which is called open, has a lot of advantages over closed booths - hydroboxes. The main disadvantage of closed hydroboxes is the presence of a plastic pallet, which has never been durable and “steals” usable space. If he crack, and this happens with enviable regularity, then it will be very difficult and expensive to find a replacement. In addition, the side walls in the hydroboxes are mainly made of plastic. Plastic walls are very dirty, lubricating the impression of the bathroom as a whole. In addition, they, like the pallet, often emit an unpleasant odor. This is especially pronounced in contact with hot water.

Open showers can be divided into small, low, high and corner showers. This is also a serious advantage that allows you to choose a truly optimal option.
glassed hydroboxes
glassed hydroboxes

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